How to enable duplicate functionality on ACF Repeater

I'm using ACF for building custom Wordpress configuration options (inside custom options pages, settings, CPTs, Gutenberg blocks etc), for more than 5 years. I know there's an option in repeater fields to duplicate rows, but how can I enable it? All times I need to duplicate a row, I need to "inspect" the row element and, manually, disable the display:none; rule in the duplicate row button.

So, I think it's disabled by default, and I need to "enable" it in some way. I can't find an option in the ACF configutation screen to enable it, and, since I started using ACF builder to improve fields management inside my themes, I'm not using the "normal" ACF configuration screen.

Can someone help me with this? How can I enable the duplicate row functionality in ACF repeater fields?


  • Whispers

    Try holding down shift when you hover the right toolbar (the column with add and remove row buttons) for ACF repeaters. That should toggle the "add row" with "duplicate row".

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