Is it possible to create Web Service in Java that can use Amazon cognito and SNS

Can I build a server in java(exposes Web Services to Mobile or Web client) which uses Amazon Cognito for Identity Management, Cognito Sync to sync across all devices and SNS push notification. NOTE: I want all congnito and SNS code on server and want to expose them as web service also.

Amazon SQS Worker Tier Auto Scaling fails

What are the main differences between AWS SNS notifications and Webhooks? When would you use one instead of another and why?

Get the subscription email from a specific topic

I am working on an AWS project that requires sending table-formatted report on a daily basis to a list of email addresses. I know I could easily do it with SES as it supports HTML formatting but unfortunately the service is prohibited for usage in my organisation. Another method is SNS. I could do space padding and send the table in rich text format but Outlook seem to have this issue of aligning table outline well.


how to get AWS SMS publish results in code

I've scoured the AWS documentation to see if there is a a way to get the SMS delivery log via code, but i'm at a miss, I can get the logs via cloud watch but I want to get them in code so if there is a failure ( like delivery.providerResponse Unknown error attempting to reach phone) I can dequeue the number

this is my code for sending texts, it gets a response code OK all the time even if i've hit my credit limit, th

Can a AWS Lambda Subscribe to Multiple Event Source Types

Two questions:

  1. Is it possible for a lambda to subscribe to a kinesis topic and an SNS topic? For example, your handler method is defined as: public void handleRequest(Object obj, Context cxt). Would it then be possible to cast obj into a KinesisEvent or SNSEvent?
  2. If I wanted all instances of a lambda to receive some update, would SNS be appropriate fo

How to register SNS topic to bounce (or complaint) email notifications with AWS CDK C#?

I'm trying to describe a minimal infrastructure containing an SNS and a lambda. When a message is published on the SNS, with a specific "type" attribute, the lambda handler is triggered.

I'm using an serverless offline sns example, which I tweaked a bit to add a filter policy.

Here is the part I tweaked i

Using CDK, SNS topic Policy Statement, use actions: ["sns:*"], Cloudformation results in "Policy statement action out of service scope!"

Unable to refer to all SNS actions with the * in CDK.

 const MyTopicPolicy = new sns.TopicPolicy(this, 'MyTopicSNSPolicy', {
        topics: [MyTopic],
            MyTopicPolicy.document.addStatements(new iam.PolicyStatement({
              sid: "0",
              actions: ["sns:*"],
              principals: [new iam.AnyPrincipal()]

How to add multiple email addresses in the Endpoint Field under AWS SNS Subscription?

I'm working on AWS SNS Topics. I need to add more than one email address in the endpoint field as seen in the image below.

I want to add for ex. -, and so on. How do I specify multiple email addresses in the endpoint field?

Reference Image

AWS SNS Delivery retry policy Total policy retry time cannot be greater than 3600 seconds

I have a variable called $TargetEnv. Can I refer it under SNS Message Attribute because it is printing "$TargetEnv" as a result and not its assigned value.

aws sns publish --topic-arn arn:aws:sns:us-east-1:$($env:SNSAccountId):deployment_alerts --message $coreCodeMessage --subject $subject --message-attributes '{\"TargetEnv\" : {\"DataType\":\"String\", \"StringValue